7 Best Facebook Apps For Business & Marketing

With an increasing number of web surfers and online shoppers, businesses are finding it more important than ever to reach out to the internet community. One of the best ways for a business to go viral is through strong use of certain applications that are linked to social networking sites. Here is a list of the top ten and marketing.

1. Networked Blogs – The apps allows a business’ Facebook page to work like a blogroll, allowing users to promote their blog and link Facebook users over to their page. This directory of blogs linked right to Facebook sorts your posts by topic, allowing you greater user following.

2. Fanappz– Fan Appz engagement and promotional applications are designed for that purpose — to create unique and brand-specific experiences for your fans that enable them to interact with your brand. Fan Appz offers powerful promotional applications. Build a sweepstakes in which your fans are incentivized to invite their friends, or create an exciting promotional offer that requires fans to “like” your page and check in to a physical location to unlock an offer.

3. My LinkedIn Profile – The app displays a business’ LinkedIn profile on their Facebook account. LinkedIn is the go-to place to showcase career profiles and seek employees, so this app gives you greater access to the professional world.

4. SocialFly – The application allows business page owners to make notes about their professional contacts, as well as to set notifications to contact them after a certain period of time. With , businesses never lose track of their professional contacts!

5. Workin’ It! – Functioning similarly to a LinkedIn profile, Workin’ It! lets users send out their work history to companies seeking employees. This application also allows users to send work history to clients and retrieve recommendation from past clients and employers.

6. MyMoney is designed specifically with small businesses in mind. With a number of features to help manage your finances, allows you to view account balances, transfer money and review account history, all under the protection of security measures in place to ensure your information stays safe.

7. Pagemodo helps even the most inexperienced web user create a visually appealing and fully customizable business page. even allows business owners to display products on their main page.

If you’re ready to break into the world of online shopping and social networking, your business will greatly benefit from use of any of the top 10 for business and marketing. Improve your business today.

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