5 Steps to Creating a Social SEO Friendly Site from Scratch

While search engine optimization might be an essential component of your website, it’s even more important to “future proof”; your website from changes made by Google or other search engines.  As technology evolves, these changes are only going to get more extreme – meaning that if you rely solely on the power of search engine optimization, you’re going to have a tough time weathering the storm. Here are three simple ways to weatherproof your website.

Get Social

It sounds almost too clichéd to repeat, but without community building, your website is going to be dead in the water. It’s really not something that is fancy, but instead it is something that is tried and true and uses the principles of psychology and human interaction in order to maximize your chances of having a successful website.











Having a deep knowledge of your niche – know exactly what your visitors want is going to go a long way in building an audience that really resonates with your content and wants to share it with anyone and everyone that they talk to most especially on Facebook which is experiencing the most phenomenal growth ever.

Stay Active

Readers of blogs are very fickle. If you do not post for a few days, or even for a week, you may lose a substantial chunk of your audience. Whether you’re someone who’s posting every single day or only a few times a month, you need to be sure to choose a posting schedule and stick to it. This is the only way that you’re going to ensure a community that is the writing and continually coming back for new content.

If you think about it from the other side of the coin, how many times would you actually come to a blog if you did not see new content being posted on a regular basis? The answer is probably not very often; Even actively commenting and ‘liking’ on other social media goes a long way in getting your website’s name out.

Build Connections

Without connections in your industry or niche, your content is going to be left unconsumed. The truth is that there are many different types of niche is, and while you may think that you are in a completely unique niche, it’s more likely that you are in one that is populated with other bloggers. If so, do not think that this is a downside! Instead, you get to reach out to them and tap into their wealth of knowledge and experience on the topic. In addition, they will be able to give you blogging tips and community building advise that you would never be able to get from anyone else – simply because they are a combination of a blogger and an expert in your niche, which is exactly what YOU want to be someday!
















That’s all the theory.  Now here are the steps to take to create a social SEO friendly site from scratch:

1.  Set Up a WordPress Blog.

Plug-ins like YoastDigg Digg, and Scribe SEO.

2. Create and share lots of quality content

Focus on creating content around your industry and share using keyword research tools like Google Adwords.  Email subscribers consistently using Mail Chimp or Constant Contact.

3.  Syndicate your articles

Use Buffer and Twitterfeed to share your post through all the major social media sites.

4.  Engage your readers.

By using Hootsuite, you can manage your social media networks more easily and all in one place.

5.  Promote Your Site

Reach out to other bloggers to ask them to mention your site.  however, you don’t want to ask the same person over and over. Instead, build a network of bloggers that talk about a similar or related subject and ask each one to share from time to time.

These tips are going to help you develop a community that is not only passionate about your content, but passionate to share it with others and build your audience. There’s nothing more satisfying to a blogger than having an audience that cares about what he or she writes and interacts with it in a way that changes their life. You can have this feeling by simply following these tips and putting in the work.

Author Bio
Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer in the L.A. area with a focus on tech, and enjoys spreading the word on jquery cover flow, as well as other site building topics

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