5 Reasons For Blogging in 2012

Blogging seems to have been around for an awfully long time now. We have all heard of bloggers rocketing to mass popularity and even making full-time careers of it. But is it still something that is worth doing? Is it a crowded arena or are there still benefits to be gained from engaging in this sort of writing activity?

If you want a definitive answer to this, rather than going on the ‘word-on-the-street’ opinions that seem to influence so much of the population’s thinking, then you only need look at the high regard which blogs hold on search engines. When a phrase is typed into Google, for example, if you look at the results you will notice that blogs rank highly on the results page. What more reassurance is needed?

To further convince you that blogging is far from dead, consider these 5 point below. Perhaps 2012 is the time to give it a go.

1. The market for books and writing is changing rapidly. Although book deals with mainstream publishers are still out there, they are even more difficult to secure. Not a reason to stop trying this potentially lucrative avenue, of course, but reason enough to try to join the age on the internet rather than to resist it when it comes to publishing.

2. Making a career as a writer has always been about being read. There are no doubt great writers out there who have produced outstanding work only for it to lie dormant, apart from perhaps many unsuccessful submissions to agents and publishers. What better way to gauge the reaction of the public to your work than to write a regular blog? Do not underestimate the value of this level of feedback.

3. In the current world economy, how many people could honestly claim to have little interest in creating extra income? You may not realise the financial potential in blogging, but the fact is that if it is done correctly, it can prove extremely profitable. You may base your activities on your passion for writing, but you will develop skills in marketing and networking which can only be a good thing in the modern world.

4. They say that in order to master anything, you should practice with a view to logging 10,000 hours of experience. How many hours do you sit wondering what to write? If you are contemplating a novel or trying to launch a career as a freelance writer, it may be that your actual writing time is not what it should be. Blogging, if you want to succeed at it, forces you to produce content. This ‘writing habit’ is vital in the pursuit of quality. A blog, therefore, will make you a better writer.

5. With more and more attention being directed towards online writing, it is no surprise that mainstream publishers and agents are starting to take notice of internet based work. If you are able to build a following based on the words you produce, what kind of signal does this send out to publishers and agents who depend on picking up authors with commercial appeal? There are many stories of writers who have self-published and promoted online, who are later picked up by big publishing houses who refuse to ignore the sales potential.

So how can blogging be dead? There is no doubt that there are more and more blogs on the internet and this does mean greater competition, but if you can write well and keep readers hooked, then you cannot deny the merits of this far-reaching platform.


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