3 Elements To Focus on Your Digital Marketing

Although technology has been designed to make our lives easier, sometimes it seems to actually complicate things even further. Such is the case with marketing, as we now have so many ways and means of marketing pour business or product; it can seem sometimes like we are being overwhelmed by choice and unable to focus on the task in hand. Maybe it is time to get back to basics and simplify the whole process. Here is some advice to help focus on what is important when it comes to marketing on the internet, and avoid getting caught up in the mountain of marketing technology out there.

Focus on the experience not the statistics

Rather than looking for statistics, such as number of ‘likes’, view through, attribution, or CTR to justify how much is spent online, why not think more about the actual advertising and the experience it gives the consumers.  Focusing too much on the statistics and getting the maximum number of ticks in boxes only serves to put a barrier between the consumer and the experience.

Focus instead on creating an experience that makes a user want to engage with it and which also gives them control. Give them the choice of whether to engage in the first place and the ability to stop when they want to. By creating a worthwhile, fun or interesting experience for your customers, you’ll be attracting the right people for the right reasons rather than just annoying people.

Don’t waste valuable time and resources collecting fancy statistics – put energy into making it an enjoyable and relevant experience which consumers want to be part of.

Focus where customers focus

One third of display advertising goes unseen due to banner blindness. This means that even if the content experience is great, entertaining, relevant, and all those other key aims we’re striving for, it will still need to stand out amongst the millions of other content channels that there are to choose from.

If you make sure you use advertising technology that gets words and images in the right places, i.e. the places where potential customers are already focused, then a relevant brand advertisement will make a big impression.

Don’t waste time marketing where you are not going to be noticed – put energy into marketing where potential customers attention is going to be.

Focus on a simple strategy

Advertising can be customised for particular devices like mobiles, laptops, tablets and desktops, allowing consumers to share an advertisement for example. Instead of trying to spread yourself thinly across all types of media, why not simplify by focusing on ways to promote a brand based just on the mobile. Although consumers interact with all kinds of devices, and brands can respond to this, why not concentrate on creating advertising or useful brand content based solely on their interaction with a mobile. Everything can then be refined from this for other devices like tablets and desktops.

Don’t waste time designing for every device – put energy into creating for the mobile and customise and refine content and adverts from there.

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