25 Inspiring Blogs in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the newest trends in online marketing in 2012. Many blogs are emerging that share social media marketing strategies and inspiration with marketers who utilize social networking platforms to promote client brands. With the face of social media marketing changing almost daily, remaining inspired sometimes becomes a challenge. However, by keeping up with successful social media marketers by regularly reading their posts, one may not only stay inspired, but learn a few new tricks along the way.

The top 25 most inspiring blogs that speak to issues and strategies in social media marketing are:

1.) Chris Brogan’s Social Media Marketing Blog – www.chrisbrogan.com

Chris Brogan’s blog is perhaps one of the most popular and prolific social media marketing blogs to date. Chris currently has around 300,000 Twitter followers and several hundred more on Facebook. An expert in the field of social media marketing, many are very interested in what Chris has to say each day.

2.) Jeremy Owyang’s Web Strategist Blog – www.web-strategist.com/blog

Jeremy Owyang’s Web Strategist Blog is a great resource for social media marketers. Jeremy updates the blog regularly with valuable trending information for those who seek to maximize their social media marketing efforts. Jeremy is well-informed and always provides researched information that is sure to inspire.

3.) The Social Media Explorer – www.socialmediaexplorer.com

The Social Media Explorer is a blog that hosts several social media marketing expert bloggers. Each day, this site is packed with great insights and interesting discussions about marketing with Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

4.) Ross Mayfield’s Blog – ross.typepad.com

Ross Mayfield maintains his blog by addressing expansive and broad topics of social media marketing.

5.) PR Squared – www.pr-squared.com

PR Squared is stocked with interesting and inspiring observations for those who work in the field of social media marketing. PR Squared’s tag line is “The Next Big Thing Is Already Here.”

6.) Top Rank Blog – www.toprankblog.com

Top Rank Blog specializes in providing tips and tricks for social media marketers. One recent tips post was entitled “ Five Tips for More Impact from Social Media Participation.” Top Rank Blog provides practical advice for those interested in utilizing the popular social media platforms for branding and marketing purposes.

7.) Social Media Strategy – www.convinceandconvert.com

In addition to great regular posts, Social Media Strategy offers informative and inspiring podcasts for social media marketing experts.

8.) The Social Media Examiner – www.socialmediaexaminer.com

The Social Media Examiner explores various social media platforms and discusses ways to utilize each platform to its maximum efficiency for marketing purposes. The Social Media Examiner provides great content and is well-designed with great graphics, too. Bravo!

9.) Social Media Today – socialmediatoday.com/index.php?q=SMC

Social Media Today engages a team of social media marketing bloggers who produce inspiring and informative content. One recent post by Dominique Ellis, entitled “Social Media Managers: Get Your Inspiration Back” offers inspiring suggestions for social media marketers.

10.) MarketingProf’s Daily Fix – www.mpdailyfix.com

MarketingProf’s blog is updated daily, just as the name suggests, with great content from several social media marketing experts. The Daily Fix is one of the best and most inspiring social media marketing blogs available.

A few additional notable social media marketing blogs that are inspiring and deserve mention include:

11.) Social Media Biz – www.socialmedia.biz
12.) The Buzz Machine – buzzmachine.com
13.) The Social Media Club – socialmediaclub.org
14.) The Clip Report – www.steverubel.me
15.) The Social Media Marketing Blog – www.scottmonty.com
16.) Drew’s Marketing Minute – www.drewsmarketingminute.com
17.) The Marketing Pilgrim – www.marketingpilgrim.com
18.) The I Media Connection – www.imediaconnection.com
19.) Social Times: socialtimes.com
20.) Internet Marketer’s Studio – www.marketersstudio.com
21.) We Are Social – wearesocial.net
22.) Customers Rock – customersrock.net
23.) A Source of Inspiration – www.asourceofinspiration.com
24.) The Future Buzz – thefuturebuzz.com
25.) Viral Blog – www.viralblog.com

Social media marketers often benefit from knowledge and inspiration from others in the industry. Reading blog posts from other social media marketers tends to keep one inspired and enriched. In addition, a wealth of knowledge regarding practices, trends and tips may be found on these inspirational social media marketing blogs. To stay abreast of the latest and greatest strategies in social media marketing, as well as to keep a positive outlook, regularly check out the blogs on this list.

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