25 Amazing Twitter Facts & Figures

It’s no secret that social media has gained a lot of ground when it comes to marketing. Businesses need to have some kind of social media presence to compete into today’s tech-savvy society. The dynamic, real-time nature of Twitter has made it a popular tool for interacting with customers, and many statistics show why having a Twitter account can benefit a business.

If it seems like there are a lot of people using Twitter, that’s because there are, and more are signing up every day. About 88% of people are aware of the existence of Twitter, which has led to the creation of 465 million user accounts. One million new accounts are added on a daily basis and currently produce over 180 million tweets per day.Other usage statistics to consider:
• 400 million people visit Twitter every month
• 55 million monthly visitors are using a Smartphone or tablet PC
• Over 600 million searches are performed on Twitter every day
• The current record for the most tweets per second stands at 25,088What does all of this mean from a business standpoint? Twitter offers a massive, highly engaged audience, giving businesses that focus on Twitter marketing access to an unprecedented amount of potential customers.Demographic
One of the key points in Internet marketing is understanding the makeup of the audience. Though it may be tempting to assume that young people comprise the majority of Twitter users, statistics show a surprising breakdown:

• The 18-29 age bracket accounts for about 41% of Twitter users
• As of February 2009, users ages 35-49 had the largest Twitter presence—almost 42% of the entire audience
• 30% of users have household incomes over $100k, putting them in a bracket with high spending power

These figures can have a great deal of influence on marketing. The wants and needs of the majority of Twitter users aren’t the same as those of the ever-growing group of young teens who text more than they talk. Consumers on Twitter are savvy and discerning; they know what they want, and they’ll go with the company that can deliver it with the least amount of hassle.

Location is another important consideration. It’s estimated that there will be 21 million Twitter users in the US by the end of 2012. If a company can deliver goods and services outside the US, the audience is even bigger, with approximately 60% of users accessing Twitter from other countries.

Ad campaigns on Twitter don’t just reach people who visit the site directly. In fact, viewing Twitter.com from a PC is the least popular form of access. Statistics show that 75% of Twitter users log in via a third-party app, and no wonder; over 1 million apps exist that support the site and its content. This means potential customers could be seeing tweets on HootSuite, TweetDeck, Seesmic or another one of the host of apps out there that help users manage their social meda.

Potential customers aren’t only accessing Twitter from home, nor are they interacting solely via PCs. Current statistics suggest a growing number of people are using social media on the go:

• 40% of tweets are mobile, sent via text or Smartphone apps
• 62% of users access Twitter from their work computers; only 35% visit from home
• Half of all Twitter users view the site using their phones, tablets and other mobile devices in addition to PCs

Taking advantage of the mobile aspect of social media to reach consumers wherever they happen to be opens doors to new forms of marketing only possible in today’s technology-centered business world.

Twitter and Business
In order to get the most out of marketing on Twitter, it’s important to understand the business landscape of this social media giant:

• 43% of users follow brands to find deals
• 32% are likely to retweet if given an incentive such as a contest or special discount
• 75% of users are likely to purchase from brands they follow
• 67% would recommend brands that they follow to others
• 34% of marketers see leads come from interactions on Twitter

Twitter is also important when it comes to customer relations. Over 1 million people view tweets relating to customer service every week, yet a surprising 80% of these tweets are negative or critical in nature. Keeping on top of what people are saying about a business or brand is crucial to being able to deliver fast solutions to problems.

With social media sites continuing to grow at a rapid rate, it makes sense to incorporate Twitter into business marketing. A wide and varied audience is waiting for anyone with the time and resources to devote to a good Internet ad campaign.

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