25 Amazing Pinterest Facts & Figures

As one of the largest social media companies today, Pinterest has found its niche as a site for sharing visual content and interacting with others who share similar interests, lifestyles and collaborations. As with many social media platforms, Pinterest is increasingly being used for business and marketing. To get the most of out of the visual pinboard experience, here are 25 amazing Pinterest facts and figures.

1 – A Pinterest page should be developed with great visuals and beautiful graphics to capture the attention of customers and users.
2 – Collages can be created to provide impact, information and flair to pages that may attract repeat visitors.

3 – Pinterest is ranked as the 38th busiest site in the world and 16th busiest in the United States according to Alexa traffic rankings.

4 – In a recent research conducted by Buyer Linkage on benefits to new websites and domains that are still unpopular, it was found that many businesses are beginning to use Pinterest as an e-commerce virtual storefront to help generate buzz and increase web traffic to their online websites and this has been found to work mostly for visually inspired products.

5 – Daily pins can be used to create themes that may bring back visitors to the page. The daily themes are a great way for businesses to develop regular return visitors to their Pinterest page.

6 – The bookmark bar allows users to conveniently add visual content that is found elsewhere on the web.

7 – Other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr should be used to drive visitors and interest to a company’s page. Users can utilize the Pin It or Follow buttons to lead customers to their page.

8 – Businesses can connect their websites and physical locations with Pinterest to generate interest and potential business leads.

9 – Hashtags can be used in pin descriptions to provide keywords that may lead users to the site. Multiple hashtags can be used but caution should be exercised in using too many at one time.

10 – Since the one of the key strengths of Pinterest is that it is highly visual through the use of photos, pictures and other graphics and that is the primary way that items are shared, quality photos should be used as often as possible.

11 – Personalize the profile page with a quality photo and a person’s name to give the page a personal touch. Be sure to include website information such as links and keywords describing the business.

12 – While many businesses may only want to market and promote their products on Pinterest, it is often a good idea to the use the visual appeal of the site to highlight similar products that create an overall interest in the entire product arena.

13 – According to the Alexa statistics, the 25-34 age group has a greater representation in the traffic on Pinterest relative to the Internet in general.

14 – Businesses should share the content of other sites by re-pinning content that may be relevant to their particular industry. This promotes the social aspect of Pinterest and may encourage others to reciprocate.

15 – The most popular group of Pinterest users in the United States is female. This is primarly because many of the top categories are arts, crafts, DIY and food and drink. However, the traffic of male users have been steadily growing on the site.

16 – Connect business and industry news to Pinterest by using as much visual content as deemed effective to convey the message with being self-promotional.

17 – Businesses should use caution in posting advertisements, solicitations and other promotional material that may be considered spam. Stick to posting content that enhances the user’s experience on the page.

18 – Stay abreast of the popular pins and items that are repinned, commented on and liked to get a feel for trends and favored content.

19 – Videos can be posted on Pinterest in addition to photos and graphics.

20 – While access to the Pinterest site is free and through invitation only, new users can be invited by existing Pinterest users.

21 – Users should be sure to pin the pages of the leading users of Pinterest that will in return generate interest in their pages among other Pinterest followers.

22 – Users can tag others to keep them abreast of changes to a Pinterest page or when need items are pinned.

23 – The use of Pinterest can be very critical to driving traffic to a business site since it establishes a great visual presence for business and can draw users to a number of vertical markets.

24 – Businesses should avoid inundating Pinterest with too much content that is not focused on the specific subject area. Companies should proceed cautiously with new content until they can determine if the content that they post has garnered a strong interest and following by users. The amount of re-pins of their content would be a good indicator.

25 – Pinterest is an excellent site for marketing and research firms to gain insight into trends, popular interests and to collect group affinity data.

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