25 Amazing Facebook Facts & Figures: How Can This Shape Your Business

Social media is an amazing tool designed to reach the masses. Tools such as Facebook can be used in a variety of ways in business and marketing. To illuminate the power of Facebook, 25 amazing Facebook facts and figures must be shared to inform people how Facebook can shape the business and marketing world.

1. Able to Reach the Masses

Businesses can capitalize on the 900 million active users on Facebook. Facebook has almost as many users as China and India have residents. This is an amazing forum designed for information dissemination.

2.Reach a Global Mobile Audience

Over 488 million use Facebook on mobile devices. This number represents over half of all Facebook users. South Africa, Japan and Nigeria each have 70 to 90 percent of its users accessing Facebook on mobile devices. This represents a huge business opportunity for users.

3. Facebook Has a Global Audience

Capture leads and fans from all over the world. The United States has 157 million members, and the most users of any country. Brazil has 47 million users, and India has 45.8 million users. When introducing new products and services, business owners can capitalize on these markets.

4. Make an Alliance with the Most Popular Social Media Outlet

By choosing Facebook to reach an audience, business owners will choose the social media outlet that most people choose. This ensures that business owners reach a large mainstream audience to market products and services.

5. Use Instagram As A Marketing Tool

Instagram can be used by people to share photographs via smartphone. Soon businesses will be able to integrate this new tool as a part of their marketing strategy. Currently, the US Federal Trade Commission is considering the details of the deal.

6. Use Facebook to Launch Massive Marketing Campaigns

Facebook has been used to organize political campaigns. The Obama 2008 campaign was wildly successful with Facebook. Other companies can use this case study as a model for their marketing campaigns.

7. Reach Millions Daily

Business owners have the opportunity to reach millions daily. In March 2012, an average of 526 million users accessed Facebook daily. The number is 41 percent higher than last year.

8. Highly Visible

The company is diligent about gaining exposure to help other companies generate traffic. A movie called “The Social Network” was written about Facebook and won four awards.

9. Facebook Popular in the United States

Over 70 percent of all U.S. Internet users are using Facebook. If business owners advertise on Facebook, they will potentially reach the majority of Internet users.

10. Potential Viral Effects

In 20 minutes, nearly one million links are shared on Facebook. Businesses seeking to market items can capitalize on this phenomenon.

11. Invite Customers to Participate in Events and Sweepstakes

In 20 minutes, over 1.4 million event invites are posted on Facebook. Business owners can feel confident that any sweepstakes or event posted on Facebook will gain exposure.

12. Young and Mature Demographic

Every company has a demographic they are trying to reach. Facebook’s 35 or older demographic comprises 30 percent of the entire user base.

13. Use Facebook for Crowdsourcing to Solicit Feedback for Change

In 20 minutes, there are 10.2 million comments are posted on Facebook. This information can be used to solicit feedback for product improvement.

14. Keep Stakeholders and Customers Informed Through Facebook

Facebook is a forum used to share news and keep customers informed. This builds brand loyalty and improves brand image. Forty-eight percent of youth in America are informed of news through Facebook.

15. Use Your Customer’s Friend-Base for Word-of-Mouth Advertising

The average user on Facebook has 130 friends. If each user tells all of his or her friends about a product or service, this could generate significant traffic and sales conversions.

16. Rely on Page Connections for Exposure

The average user has connection to over 80 different community pages, events or groups and produces 90 unique content pieces monthly. Business owners can capitalize on these connections.

17. Gain Exposure for Your Business’s Application

Nearly 20 million applications are downloaded by its users daily. This is an excellent forum for exposure.

18. Entrepreneurs Build with Facebook Platform

More entrepreneurs and developers are choosing Facebook as their platform of choice. Its global presence in 190 countries helps business owners gain exposure.

19. Translations Facilitate Global Business

There are over 70 translations available on Facebook to facilitate global business.

20. Gain Exposure Through Links and Blogs

Companies gain exposure through links and blogs. Over 30 billion pieces of content are shared each month.

21. Mobile Users Represent a Huge Market

People who use mobile Facebook applications are typically twice as active as non-mobile users. Business owners can capitalize on this fact by using social purchasing and other marketing tools.

22. Great for Website Traffic Generation

Over 2.5 million websites are integrated with Facebook. When visitors visit Facebook and develop an interest, they can visit the company’s website for more information.

23. More Companies Are Using Social Media Over Search Engine Marketing

Since Facebook is generates almost as much traffic as Google, more companies are choosing to focus on social media over search engine marketing.

24. Your Business Will Be in Good Company

There are over 16 million Facebook fan pages. Most companies have Facebook pages for exposure.

25. Businesses Have the Potential for Millions of Fans

Texas Hold’em Poker managed to get over 41 million Facebook fans. Other companies have the potential to gain as many fans.

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