21 Free eBooks on Social Media

Chris Brogan compiled a comprehensive list with 20 on social media that you can download and start reading immediately, I added number 21, my new ebook on social media which will be released within the next few days, the ebook is titled Dominating Social Media Marketing – Secrets, Strategies and tips, it’s written by me and I hope you’ll find it both informative and interesting!

Anyway, these are the books on social media, feel free to download any of them

  1. The New Rules of Viral Marketing – David Meerman Scott
  2. DOMINATING SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Secrets, Strategies & Tips – Chuka Udeze [Recommended]
  3. Marketing Apple – MarketingApple.com
  4. Masters of Marketing – Startup Internet Marketing
  5. Podcast Marketing eBook – Christopher S. Penn
  6. Google Adwords Secrets – SEOBook
  7. Get Viral Get Visitors – Stacie Mahoe
  8. Marketing With Case Studies – Dynamic Copywriting
  9. How to Write a Marketing Plan – Geisheker Group
  10. SEO for WordPress blogs – Blizzard Internet
  11. Social Web Analytics – Social Web Analytics
  12. Geeks Guide to Promoting Yourself With Twitter – Geekpreneur
  13. The Zen of Blogging – Hunter Nutall
  14. What is Social Media – iCrossing
  15. A Primer in Social Media – SmashLab – Offers a great insight into Facebook which is growing at an alarming rate
  16. Effective Internet Presence – Effective Internet Presence
  17. Introduction to Good Usability – Peter Pixel
  18. Increasing the Response to Your Email Marketing Program – CRM Transformation
  19. We Have a Website. Now What? – Craig Rentmeester
  20. Blogs & Social Media – PRSA
  21. The Podcast Customer Revealed – Edison Media Research

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