2012 New Online Business Trends

The next trends for 2012 will offer more opportunities for the freelancer and the self made company. By using cheaper and more affordable eCommerce and social media solutions, there will be a wider degree of business establishment and growth in the new year, as old stalwarts like customer service and a quality product will continue to show importance. If you are considering a start to your business in 2012, then you need to be extremely mindful over the most promising trends ahead. The following are the ones to be especially knowledgeable of:


This business trend has opened up considerably in the last two years. With the advent of Amazon, iBooks, and Nook, the publishing arena has flipped on its head. As bookstores continue to close the possibility of putting out a book on your own area of expertise and driving revenue to your business are exponential. You may not feel like you have a book in you, but if anything, the Kindle and its competitors have proven that you don’t have to be accepted by one of the big publishing houses to find your voice. Whether you are a do it yourself sort, a subject expert, or a fiction and non-fiction buff, there is an ePublishing opportunity out there for you, and 2012 will be the year to exploit it.


Technological gadgets are huge throughout the world, and if you can find a way to make technology solve some unique and interesting problem, then there could be big dividends ahead. To help with this process, there are some companies that will accept invention submissions. If you don’t have the time to come up with the invention on your own, just submit your idea, and if one of these companies accept it, they will design, promote, and sell, while cutting you in on the profits.

Multiple Streams of Revenue

As unemployment and underemployment continues to be high, there will be more people than ever before exploring their passions, earning part time revenue while working another job, and, eventually, making the break to full time on their own. The world is more open to this type of lifestyle than ever before. And with more and more companies forecasting slow job growth, it only stands to reason that people will work harder to find ways of making a go of things in self employment.

The online world makes it possible to explore in a way that previously brought with it a lot of risk and a lot of upfront investment. Today, it is possible to start a business on a shoestring budget, or without any upfront money at all. Expect 2012 to be the year of the self made business professionals.

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