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There is a message out for this year -“If you are dealing with the Internet, beware it is changing” – and many top marketers are promoting the product of fear. If you do not buy their product now, you will miss the party, your business will falter and fail – there are too many pieces moving – you need to but their high priced service – you need to be following the big boys.

Much as I admire the skill of these marketers as marketers – you have to admit it’s a little manipulative.

Is the Internet changing? -Of course.

Will Google change how it does ‘search ‘? – Of course.

Are the big companies trying to control the Internet? – Of Course- the big companies are always trying to control the marketplace. But that is no reason to run and hide.

Here’s what you should be asking.

In 2012 -will you be an entrepreneur or a proprietor as Jay Abrahams says? That is a person who has a business, a business like any other business – or a person who does something new with business -who offers a higher value result to the question asked by his or her customers.

Will you be just another person in business, struggling, or realize as Seth Godin has been saying that in this maelstrom of digital noise – you have to command attention, no sorry – earn attention. You have to offer enough value and energy and awareness and gratitude and sheer ‘product’ to your customers that you create a space for yourself in the world of commerce. You create in fact your own audience, your own customer base, followers who pay attention to what you do – not because you are shouting the loudest, but because you have in fact listened the hardest to what is being asked, and then answered with the best results. You have created your own marketplace that is loyal to you because you are loyal to it

Will you be just another marketer, as Frank Kern says in his 2012 Internet Address or someone who decides to be in and stay in the results business? No-one markets and makes money – entrepreneurs sell, because that’s where there is money and a return on your business efforts. Of course we produce or offer a product that people buy. They buy because you offer answers to the questions they are asking. They, the end user, want a certain result or consequence – they want help. And when you give then that – precisely and perfectly – you are a successful entrepreneur.

Your market is asking a question – are you answering it – precisely? Are you answering it with a result – that is your product or service- that transforms the customer? Does your product mean more to them than the dollars they give you back in return?

In 2012 you will not be making money – no business person MAKES money. You will have to EARN money. Be aware -there is no shortage of money – it’s just a question of whose hands it flows into. And when you are dealing with the public, the consumer at large it’s the person that answers their questions the best, and repeatedly that the money goes to

In 2012 it’s the entrepreneur that is passionate about the question their market is asking that will win. It’s the change that you offer that is important not the product. Products may come and go but the entrepreneur that stays in the hunt always adjusting their instruments of change and value. Instruments of change for the better, in their chosen marketplace

In 2012 regardless of what Google does or ‘search’ does – the entrepreneur who has built their own marketplace that has their own customer base that is loyal – will win.

In 2012 the entrepreneur that believes in their ‘list’, their marketplace, believe what they offer is transformational, believe their product, without doubt, is something that can change lives – that entrepreneur wins it all.

“The true entrepreneur is willing, eager to perceive change as a huge opportunity, rather than a threat or deterrent. He/she must have built-in commitment, to constantly improve their performance – on many different “fronts.” “While the proprietor cowers from change, fears change, grovels and steeps themselves deep in the status quo… the true entrepreneur is ALWAYS excited, committed, continuously searching for new innovation. Real entrepreneurs REACH for innovation. They work hard to discover, uncover, define, refine and initiate innovation. ” Jay Abrahams


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