10 Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers

Twitter is a proven resource to use on the Internet to advertise and get a message out. The people that follow you on Twitter see the updates you post. To gain more exposure, you need to have more followers so you can have more recognition and step up higher in your marketing goals. You can implement some or all of these 10 strategies to increase the number of followers on your and gain extra influence on the popular social networking site.

1. Reach out to other powerful Twitter users. You can spread your influence and get a bigger reputation by expanding your social network through others. If these other influential Twitter users are attracted to your account, their followers may also take a look at what you have to offer.
2. Post the link to your Twitter account on other sites or areas where you have influence. If you have a Facebook fan page, blog or an email list, add a quick note in an update or along the side of the page informing visitors that you also have an active Twitter account. It’s also beneficial to include a “Follow” link on your site so visitors can click a single link to follow your feed. When making posts, add a “Tweet” icon next to the post so readers can quickly share the post with their followers.
3. Fill your biography page on Twitter out completely. Don’t leave the information too generic and allow visitors to know exactly who you are and what you do. The bio is also on display on the Suggested Users page on Twitter, and if it is blank users will probably browse right past the suggestion and move on to someone else.
4. Encourage the followers that you have to retweet your tweets. A retweet displays your tweet on their feed to their followers. This puts your name out there, so if others are interested in what you have to say, they can click your name and see your entire feed. If they like what they say, you’ve gained a new follower.
5. Time your tweets perfectly. You don’t want to tweet important messages or advertisements at times when people aren’t actively browsing. Since many people follow hundreds or even thousands of others, it is difficult to keep up with the constant stream of updates. You want to capture interest when the most people are active.
6. Make your tweets unique. Don’t post the same thing over and over again, even if you space the messages out evenly. Your current followers will get tired of seeing it and you may even come across as a spammer to others. Use different words to say what you want if it needs to be said repeatedly and space each post out.
7. Use an automated tool or scheduler to post tweets during the active hours if you aren’t able to post the updates yourself. You can schedule one or multiple tweets to post throughout the day to gauge extra attention and appeal to others who aren’t on when you usually are able to post updates.
8. Use hash tags to your advantage. Start your tweet with the “#” sign and the word will become clickable. If someone has an interest in the keyword you use, they’ll see other tweets that utilize the same hash tags. This has potential to bring new followers to your page that are interested in the topics you frequently discuss.
9. Follow other people. Many people will follow those who follow them out of common courtesy. Look at the people and friends of those who you do follow and then follow them as well. If you’re successful, you’ll gain new followers in no time at all.
10. Run a contest or giveaway of some sort. Give a prize away once you reach a certain number of followers. Even if you don’t reach your goal number, you will gain followers in the process of getting there. A prize always gauges interest and encourages others to spread the word about your contest.

Twitter is a powerful social networking tool if used correctly. Work hard to get as many followers as possible and you will gain additional exposure not possible with other methods.

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