10 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Likes

Owning a business used to mean making sure to have an ad in the yellow pages, taking out a few ads in the newspaper, and having a billboard advertising the company put up on a busy street. In today’s world, however, technology has changed the landscape of advertising and marketing. Now a person would be hard pressed to find a business that doesn’t have social media web pages like Facebook. Many people have learned that simply having a Facebook page for a business isn’t enough to bring in new customers. There are several steps that a business should take after creating their Facebook page to gain new customers. Increasing the number of “Likes” a business page receives on Facebook is one of the quickest ways to gain new customers.

1. One of the most overlooked methods of increasing “Likes” on Facebook is adding a link to the profile in an email signature. This link should connect to the business’s Facebook, not a personal one. Once a link is put into an email signature, every email that is sent out becomes an advertisement to the page, without the owner ever having to think about mentioning it again.
2. Another often overlooked means of gaining more fans on Facebook is to post a link to the page on the all of the company’s websites. It may seem as if this is nonproductive due to the fact that if someone is on a website, they most likely are already a fan. The great thing is that with Facebook’s newsfeed, when a customer likes a company’s Facebook page, all of their friends will be able to see it. This will definitely increase traffic to the fan page.

3. Remembering to connect all social media pages can also increase the number of “Likes” received on Facebook. Linking a Facebook page to a Twitter account and using one of the three allowed links on LinkedIn for the Facebook page is sure to drive traffic from each of these pages to the Facebook page. This in turn will garner more “Likes” on the page.

4. Some business owners are not aware of Facebook’s “Fan Gate” option. This tab on Facebook will show fans of the page one set of content and non-fans a different set of content. Many people will “Like” a page simply to be able to view all available content.

5. Appearance is also very important on Facebook pages, just like in all types of advertising. Creating a compelling and interesting welcome video for visitors is one of the easiest ways to grab someone’s attention.

6. One of the greatest ways to get a few “Likes” is by asking friends and family to join the page. This may not garner many new “Likes” initially, but when friends of friends notice people liking these pages and even commenting on them, the strategy is sure to expand to hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of new customers.

7. Offering special incentives is another way to garner “Likes”. Posting specials on a company’s Facebook page that are only accessible to fans of the page will be sure to bring in new business. The best part about offering discounts to fans is that they will often share the status updates announcing the discount.

8. Contests are another sure way to bring in new fans. One of the most tested and true methods is to offer a prize to every fan that “Shares” a Facebook page or status. The owner of the Facebook page can see everyone who has shared the page, and in turn enter them into the contest. This gets a page’s fans to do the advertising for the company.

9. Another overlooked way to increase fans is to update content on the page regularly. Fans and potential customers can bore very easily, so it is important to have new content daily. Don’t go overboard though. Annoying current customers with hourly updates is worse than not updating at all.

10. Advertising using Facebook will also garner new customers. These ads will show up at the side of people’s newsfeeds. This option is different than others due to the fact that it does cost money, but it is well worth it. Facebook’s ads are targeted, so the people who see a company’s ads are the ones most likely to actually “Like” the page.

Facebook has become an amazing asset to business professionals. The ability to market to new customers and convince prior customers to return is undeniable. If a company knows how to use Facebook to their advantage, they can easily increase their customer base. Using just these simple steps is sure to increase the number of “Likes” a fan page has in a short amount of time.

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