10 Great Ways To Gain Followers On Your Google+ Page

+ pages is the new tool to put in your marketing toolbox. It gives you a powerful way to with customers, fans, potential clients, and to promote new leads. Starting a new social media project from scratch can be a bit difficult, if you do not understand what you need to do. Here are 10 terrific tips to help you gain Google+ followers:

1. Use Great Content on Your Page: Write and populate your Goggle+ page with compelling content and optimize for your target audience. You want visitors to your page to add you to their circle, and the best way is to have content they are interested in. Convince them that not to follow you would be a mistake, and they will miss out on great information by not doing so.
2. Blog About Your New Page: Writing a blog on your new Google+ page is a terrific way to let readers know what you will be providing there. You can create your own blog, or do guess on sites that are relevant to your Google+ page content.
3. Use Other Social Media To Promote Your Page: Once you have your page set up and optimized, use the social media tools to promote it. Use your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages to gather followers. If you have followers on these sites, there is a good chance they will follow you on your Google+ page.
4. Add the G+ Follow Button on your Blog or Website: When you set up your page, you will be asked to join Google Direct Connect. During this process you can generate the G+ follow button to add to your website or blog. This will help convert your website visitors into Google+ followers.
5. Sign Up For Google Direct Connect: One of the great features of Google+ pages is Direct Connect. It will allow your page to be found much more easy by the use of the + (search name) feature in the Google search engine. A user can also add you to their Circle straight from the + search results, which will make getting followers much more likely. At the moment, Google is only allowing a few businesses use the Direct Connect feature. You can, however, instal the on your site to make it eligible when it is available to everyone.
6. Share Your Content: One excellent way to create a great Google+ Page is to share content that appeals to them. Share information like links to ebooks, terrific blog articles, and even webinars that are will appeal to readers of your page. Pay attention to what your page followers are responding to and share more of that type of information. Ask questions of your followers and request feedback about your page content.
7. Ask your Followers to Share Your G+ Page: If your followers like your page and your content, ask them to share it with their Circles. This will get others interested in your page, and it will keep paying itself forward.
8. Use To Your Advantage: Hangouts is another Google + feature that is available, but not to everyone, yet. This feature allows you to live steam video chat using Google+. Up to ten people can take part of in the chat, but unlimited people can view the video chat! There are many ways you can use this to gain followers to your Google+ page. Offer an exclusive video chat on a topic that appeals to your business followers. First come first chat, that will get a buzz going! You can use Hangouts to have focus groups on a certain topics. Be creative and you are sure to get followers.
9. Use Visuals: Google+ is a social site that uses visual content particularly well, just as Facebook does. Use this to make your page pop out and keep your content compelling. Instead of just adding text to your page about a business stat, make a quick image that will show the stat visually. Share photos of employes working or customers using your products. Keep the strip at the top of the page full of photos that will grab the attention of your readers quickly. Using visual content will make your followers more likely to share the content.
10. Create Topic Circles: Using Topic Circles is a fantastic way to create and target content for your page. You can test it out by posting a message on your page you want to test out Topic Circles. Ask your follower to help you try it out. Create a Circle around a topic, and add users that wanted to help. Share the content you targeted to just that Circle. You will create a personal experience that will naturally gain you more followers!

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