10 Best Apple Apps For Business & Marketing

When we hear someone talking about the latest applications for their iPhone or iPad, our mind normally would drift to thoughts of a video game, GPS tracker or the best restaurants and movies in town. After all, aren’t these devices manufactured to entertain us and make our life easier? The answer of course is yes indeed. As you scan the human horizon, how many people’s heads are buried in their cell phones? You see it everyday. They are typing and scrolling, touch-screening and thumb-nailing their way through cyber heaven and enjoying every minute of it. But life is not all about fun and games, my friends. What if my main focus in life is my business? What if satisfying and keeping up with my clients is more important to me than collecting mystic potions and gold?

If your degree is in Business and not Information Technology, there are apps for you too. There are probably thousands of apps at this point for our devices. It stands to reason that the portion of our population that has its head buried not in games, but in Business and Marketing, should have apps that make their work day processes easier and less stressful. Here is a list of apps for you business minded individuals to ponder, that could actually free up some time for you to play some games later. You will have to find the game apps somewhere else however.

Sorted – This app helps you with task management. Simply tap your finger on the screen to mark a job completed, highlight tasks in different colors and create lists, all in the palm of your hand.

Awesome Currency Calculator – Convert 160 different world currencies. Keep in mind Canadian pennies are now a casualty.

iBrainstorm – This is a bit geeky, but fun none the less. Picture a pegboard with yellow stickies all over it. You and your colleagues can post notes back and forth on here.

Minimal Folio – Almost like Microsoft Excel but portable. Impress your clients with images, files, videos, etc. in presentation form.

iA Writer – Microsoft Word on steroids.

Chimpadeedoo – Bring this to conferences for networking. Set your iPad on a table, folks enter their email address overtop of a background that you create. Their addresses are stored for you. Incredible.

iTranslate – Rather self-explanatory. Translate words and phrases from over 50 languages.

Cisco WebEx – Some of you are probably already familiar with this conference software for the office. Good news, now you can bring it on the road with you.

Square – A virtual cash register and credit card machine in your hands anywhere. Take card payments from clients wherever you are meeting them. Also incredible.

Dropbox – Another familiar program for office and home. Manage your files in sync with multiple devices or computers, and now it is portable.

This is just ten out of many applications now available for Business and Marketing. There are many out there waiting for your business needs.

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